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Natasha Noel is a famous yoga instructor, a native citizen of Mumbai. Her journey towards Yoga is truly inspiring. She started watching YouTube videos of Yoga and enrolled herself in The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz East. Then Natasha admitted at Ashtanga Vinyasa at Mysore for one month, and later she admitted at Mystic Rose Meditation at Goa for 21 days.
Finally, she started teaching dance yoga. From taking private sessions to workshops, she began posting videos on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to reach out to the maximum number of people possible. She has a active YouTube channel, where she posts her yoga training videos and has more than 500k subscribers. Her message to her followers has always been that of loving and putting yourself first.

?I?m a Dancer by heart, Photographer by hobby, Writer by habit and I practice Yoga because it gives my soul happiness. Hopefully I can give you some sort of inspiration, and motivates you to either get on your mat, eat healthy or just brings a smile on your face.?

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