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Our Vision

  • Build a community of expert mentors
  • Provide a platform for users to build new skills through live mentorship
  • Connect users with relevant mentors
  • Facilitate the transference of knowledge

Why MentorMeLive?

Today industries are evolving fairly quickly, statistics show that people are going through multiple career shifts. Our generation is also becoming more adventurous, where we’re looking to get into different roles, build new skill sets and pursue multiple hobbies. In a world that's changing so rapidly its important to keep upgrading oneself to stay relevant.

Until recently you were restricted to looking for a mentor around where you live, often within your social or professional circles. Today you can access online courses, not bound by a rigid schedule or geographical location.

Our Mission

MentorMeLive aims to create an online human resource by onboarding experts, professionals and passionate people across various industries as ‘Mentors’ and make their skills & knowledge available to ‘users’ through live mentoring sessions & events. Giving you all the advantages of working online and the benefits of learning in an interactive setting.
Users are able to browse through any categories of their interest and search from a range of verified ‘Mentors’ to find someone who inspires them to learn and is able to teach you skills to advance your career, achieve personal goals and/or help resolve a specific problem.

Manuel Fernandes graduated in Electronics & Telecommuniation Engineering from Mumbai University. He is passionate about programming and loves to innovate via code.

He has been in different roles varying from a Software consultant in L&T Infotech to Technology Head at an Ed-Tech Start up to Co-founding Wrap2Earn a transit media advertising company. He loves to innovate and build new ideas and has been a part of many growth stories.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought in newer opportuinities and indentifying a need in the market he stumbled on the idea of MentorMeLive which could help both, experts in different fields and those in need of mentorship.

Manuel Fernandes


Jyotiba Patil graduated from School of Visual Arts New York with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He is the Co-Founder of Litcabs and partner at Wrap2Earn with experience in the marketing & advertising industry. He is passionate about social work and co-founded Insaniyat, a non-profit organization in Mumbai, focused on issues concerned with women welfare and skill development.

“People today are becoming bold with their career choices, always looking for opportunities to upgrade themselves and are spending more time exploring their hobbies. At MentorMeLive we recognize the potential of online mentoring and learning in an interactive setting. Our platform lets users effortlessly browse and take a class with a range of experts, giving them direct access to their knowledge and individual experience.”/p>

Jyotiba Patil